In 2018 Cafés Guilis has implemented the European Regulation of Food Security IFS, which guarantees the transparency and security in all the chain of food supply: from the analysis and the receipt of the green coffee and the other primary materials, going through the production process, the optimum status of the technical installations, the training of the employees until the delivery to the customer, allowing to know the traceability of each product.

In 2003 the company implemented a Quality Management System that encompass all the company management and production process.This Quality System also contains an APPCC System that assures a strict hygienic sanitary control during all the production process.

Madrid Excelente is the guarantee trademark of the Madrid Regional Government that recognizes and certifies the quality and excellence in management among companies, with the objective of encouraging competitiveness in the local business network. It recognizes those companies which support the innovation and constant improvement, as well as the social responsibility, the customer´s satisfaction and the contribution to the economic and social development of the area.

a la Confianza de los
Clientes (Mayo 2012)

Our products have the Trademark Certificate “M”. A certificate given by the Government of the Region of Madrid as a distinctive that guarantees the origin and quality of the company products.

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