The production process starts with the selection of the coffee beans in origin. Afterwards the import, warehousing of green coffee in harbor and weekly dispatch to our factory. Always selecting the best bean under a strict quality control and tasting each shipment first at the harbor and later in our factory.


Once in our factory, each origin is roasted separately to assure the optimun roast of each quality. This is the most delicate and handcrafted part of the process because it is the moment when we decide the roast point and we obtain the optimum flavor, body and aroma to get the perfect final cup.


Blend is the next step. Our grain storage system stores each origin separately and through an automatic procedure makes the blend of each one of our qualities, as well as our special blends required by some of our customers.


The process finishes with the packaging which is made in 1 kg bags or 3 kg cans. Both packages use the latest material and format with an unidirectional valve that keeps the coffee in the optimum conditions to allow our customers enjoy the best espresso.